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Charges:  Domestic Violence Assault; Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening

Maximum Penalty:  2 years probation; $3,000.00 fine; 18 months jail

Summary:    The client was at home with her husband when they got into an argument.  Husband, who was later classified as a victim, was prone to histrionics.  The husband became very emotional and threatened to leave my client and wanted to leave the home.  The husband was on several prescription medications and my client was concerned for his safety and tried to prevent him from leaving.  The husband shoved my client out of the way and then fell down the stairs.  The husband literally ran to the police station and told a “story” about what happened (which was the EXACT opposite of the truth).  The client was later arrested for Domestic Violence.

Result: The client was placed on deferred disposition for a period of 6 months and the case was later dismissed.  I actually strongly encouraged the client to go to trial as I thought we would win in front of the jury but the client did was she thought was in her best interests.  In the end, it all worked out as the charges were dismissed.

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