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Charges: OUI, with one prior (Class D), and Violation of Driving Condition Q (Class E)

Mandatory Minimum Penalty: 7 days incarceration, $700.00 fine, and 3 year loss of license

Maximum Penalty: 18 months incarceration if convicted on both charges; $3,000.00 fine, and 3 year loss of license

Summary: Our client was stopped for erratic driving and tested for alcohol impaired driving.  He cannot work without a license and we had to find a resolution that would allow him to keep his license.

Results: After an exhausting investigation of the actions and procedures used by the police during the stop and the arrest, we were able to negotiate an acceptable outcome for our client.  The prosecutor dismissed the OUI charge and our client entered a plea of guilty to the violation charge.  He served 7 days in jail, paid a $200.00 fine, and can apply for a work permit upon his release.  He is happy that he can continue to earn a living.

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