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Dec 22, 2011

Stalking in Maine

Today’s topic of discussion concerns the crime of stalking.

The Maine Legislature has defined the crime of stalking as follows: A person is guilty of stalking if the person intentionally or knowingly engages in a course of conduct directed at or concerning a specific person that would place that reasonable person in fear that he may suffer inconvenience or emotional distress, to fear bodily injury or bodily injury to a close relation, to fear death or fear the death of a close relation, to fear damage, or destruction to, or tampering with property, to fear injury to or the death of an animal owned by or in the possession and control of that specific person.

Now, course of conduct means at least two or more acts undertaken by the person to obtain those objectives. Often what I see in stalking charges is when the victim has a protection order against you, the defendant. Let’s say you are trying to see your girlfriend (the victim). You might follow her to work. You might follow her to her house. You may follow her to school and wait for her to come out. That would constitute stalking because that would constitute some level of emotional distress for that person who’s been named a victim.

Stalking charges in the state of Maine are extremely serious cases and the State takes these cases very seriously. Oftentimes, the State is seeking jail and probation in these cases.

If you’ve been charged with the crime of stalking here in the state of Maine, you need to pick up the phone and call my office to speak with me immediately. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you.



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