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What to Do About False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Maine

false allegations of sexual abuse in Maine

One unfortunate and unintended consequence of the recent but long-overdue clampdown on child sexual abuse offenders is the increase in the number of false allegations.

As the crime of child sexual abuse becomes higher profile, it increasingly has nowhere to hide. More people are aware of it and recognize the tell-tale signs.

However, close interactions between adults and children are unavoidable in our society and, sometimes, the innocent actions of an adult supervising a child are misinterpreted by others.

Certain professionals in Maine have an obligation to report suspicions of child abuse. This should only be welcomed as a way to protect children, but it is easy to see how false allegations can be made.

Even reports made in good faith can be due to a misinterpretation of events. Unfortunately, reports are also sometimes made to intentionally sully the name and reputation of the accused – whether in a bitter child custody battle in a divorce or another adversarial situation.

Regardless of how it comes about, an accusation of child sexual abuse is one of the most serious for anyone to contend with. It can cause an immense loss of reputation and standing in the community.

So, what should you do about the situation if you are falsely accused of child sexual abuse? And, just as importantly, what should you NOT do?

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What should you do if falsely accused of child sexual abuse in Maine?

It is important to take certain actions if you are in a position of responsibility with children in your profession and are open to false allegations of child sexual abuse in Maine.

Daycare workers, scout leaders, coaches, and others should:

  • Avoid being in the presence of children unless another adult is present to verify what happens during interactions with the children.
  • Avoid engaging in conduct such as accompanying children to the bathroom, helping them change clothing, bathing, making sexually suggestive comments or dirty jokes, rough-housing, or aggressive horseplay. This can all be misinterpreted by others as sexual abuse.
  • Start educating yourself about the child sexual abuse laws in Maine so that you can take other necessary steps to protect yourself against false allegations.

Additionally, parents should avoid the prospect of an angry ex-spouse accusing them of child sexual abuse by attempting to remain on amicable terms during a divorce and child custody dispute.

If you are accused of child sexual abuse, you need to take it seriously whatever the circumstances. Complaints will be investigated and it is possible to be charged even if the accuser wants to drop the charges against you.

Try to do the following:

  • Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with child sexual abuse cases as soon as possible to defend you in the case – even if you expect the allegations to be retracted or know that they are false. Your attorney will advise of your legal options and can protect your rights and safeguard your interests.
  • Ask your attorney about any issues you are unclear on. False allegations of sexual abuse are stressful and you need to try to relax if you are innocent.
  • In consultation with your attorney, contact anyone who may be willing to testify on your behalf (friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, etc.)
  • Remain positive and maintain positive relationships with the children under your control if you can continue working.

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What NOT to do if falsely accused of child sexual abuse in Maine

Knowing what NOT to do when falsely accused of child sexual abuse is just as important as knowing what to do.

Avoid doing any of the following:

  • Admitting to anything you did not do – even if it seems simpler to do so
  • Saying too much to law enforcement officers without first speaking to your attorney
  • Providing a false confession – this may be enough to convict you
  • Losing your temper – as unfair as false allegations seem, try to stay calm and collected when speaking to the authorities
  • Giving up – times may be difficult but with the right legal assistance, they will get better as you disprove the allegations against you

The worst thing you can do is to be passive and do nothing. With such serious allegations, you must take action to protect your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

Get legal representation for false child sexual abuse allegations in Maine

Convictions for sexual crimes against children like gross sexual assault or sexual abuse of a minor have serious immediate and long-term implications that can affect future employment, relationships, and more.

With expert legal counsel, you can defeat the charges and move on with your life.

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Call 207-571-8146 or contact us online to schedule a consult with one of our highly skilled criminal defense attorneys today.

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