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Bethel Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersBethel, Maine is a town in Oxford County, near the western border of the state and located on Route 2, about midway between the coast and Canada. The town had a population of 2,607 during the 2010 census. The area is known for its ski resort and the secluded, historic charm that makes it a quintessential New England town.

As a town in inland Maine, Bethel’s median household income is misleadingly low, due to the lower costs of living away from the tourism of the coast and the bustle of the state’s cities. As a result, while the state’s median household income – a good indication of the affluence of the area’s citizens – is $46,974, Bethel’s is a mere $39,866.

The area’s crime rates are in line with what one can expect in inland Maine: Exceptionally low. Violent crimes are very rare, and property crimes are far below the national average, even when the area went through a sudden crime spike in 2008 and 2009. This is despite the fact that Bethel has maintained a small police force for the state, keeping only 1.12 full-time law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents in 2009, far below the state average of 1.71 that year.

Bethel Court Location

If you get arrested and charged for operating under the influence (OUI) or for any other crime while in Bethel, your case will go before the Maine District Court in Rumford, Maine. This court is located at 145 Congress St. in Rumford, Maine, between the town’s fire department and post office. The building is a stately four stories and made of brick with white trim. The main entrance faces Congress St. between a pair of flanking columns.

You can find driving directions on Google Maps, or on the court’s website. Bear in mind, though, that the section of Congress St. that lies directly in front of the courthouse is a one way street.


There are a handful of parking spots on Congress St. immediately in front of the courthouse, as well as numerous options on River St., behind the building. Because the Maine DIstrict Court in Rumford is such a small courthouse, these spaces are generally enough to accommodate the court’s usual flow of business.


Like for all criminal charges in Oxford County, Maine, if you’re facing a charge stemming from an incident in Bethel, the prosecutor will come from the office of District Attorney Andrew Robinson. Mr. Robinson is also the district attorney for Androscoggin and Franklin County, as well.

Unlike many prosecutors, when it comes to prosecuting OUI cases, unlike District Attorney Almy in Bangor, Mr. Robinson does not have a hard-nosed policy against negotiations. This makes OUI cases in Bethel much easier to deal with, because there is the opportunity to come up with a fair and reasonable solution without having to take the case all the way to trial. With that said, DA Robinson and his team highly experienced, well-versed in the law and have proven to be a group of extremely competent prosecutors. Just because the DA is fair does not mean he and his team are push-overs.

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If you get charged for OUI in Bethel, Maine, you will need a solid OUI-defense attorney like William T. Bly on your side, even if you have no intention of taking the case all the way to trial. A strong defense attorney not only fights for you during a trial, but also shows the prosecution team that you mean business when you negotiate before the court date. Experienced OUI attorneys like William T. Bly, who knows all the ins-and-outs of the breath and field sobriety testing that makes up most of the evidence against you in an OUI case, can make sure you don’t face the severe consequences of an OUI conviction. Contact William Bly online or via phone at (207) 571-8146.

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