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Domestic violence charges should be taken very seriously, just as they are by Maine criminal courts. These types of charges have the ability to impact nearly every facet of your life negatively. We know that sometimes an argument can quickly spiral out of control. If the police are called, you no longer have the opportunity to work things out with your partner. The situation is now in the hands of the state, serving to complicate your already stressful family matters further. You may feel like you have little control. You exercise some control and find answers to your questions by consulting with a seasoned Lewiston domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. 

When Domestic Violence Charges Are Misused

Domestic violence allegations are often closely tied to imminent changes in the family structure, such as during a divorce or a custody battle. Unfortunately, for the falsely accused and actual victims of domestic violence, some partners will misuse domestic violence charges as a powerful weapon when it comes to family law matters such as divorce or child custody. 

If this has happened to you, you need the knowledge of an aggressive advocate to help you refute their accusations and be cleared of your charges. Look no further than a Lewiston domestic violence lawyer from The Maine Law Group. It is essential that you act quickly as your charges could have significant implications on your divorce or custody case. 

Possible Consequences for a Domestic Violence Conviction in Maine

If you are facing charges for domestic violence, there is a lot at stake. The consequences of a misdemeanor charge will be preferable to those of a felony charge. If convicted of a misdemeanor, you could be required to spend up to 364 days in jail, pay a fine of as much as $2,000, be put on probation and complete a mandatory intervention and education program. If there are aggravating factors that increase your charge to a felony, the consequences will be even more severe. 

In addition to the criminal consequences, you could face other consequences such as not getting custody of your children, losing your job, or damaging other relationships in your life. While a Lewiston domestic violence attorney cannot guarantee that you will face these consequences, they can work towards getting you the best outcome possible, even if it is a conviction of a lesser charge with reduced penalties. 

Speak with a Lewiston Domestic Violence Attorney

When you turn to our team for help, one of our experienced Lewiston domestic violence lawyers will take the time to fully understand the circumstances surrounding your domestic violence charges. By doing so, your lawyer can effectively negotiate with the prosecuting attorney assigned to your case, increasing the possibility of getting your charges reduced or dropped entirely. If these negotiations are unsuccessful, we are experienced trial attorneys who can skillfully defend you in front of a judge or jury. Contact The Maine Criminal Defense Group today for help with your domestic violence charges. We offer remote and in-office consultations for your safety and convenience. 

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