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Oxford County Criminal Defense Attorney

Oxford County is full of small cities and large towns in western Maine and comprises much of Maine’s border with New Hampshire. With nearly 60,000 people in the county, numerous criminal charges are filed against residents every day, particularly in the following areas:

  • Bethel
  • Dixfield
  • Fryeburg
  • Hanover
  • Hartford
  • Lincoln
  • Mexico
  • Newry
  • Norway
  • Oxford
  • Paris
  • South Paris
  • Rumford
  • Upton.

If you have been accused of committing a crime, no matter how severe the offense is, you can benefit from having a criminal defense lawyer from MCD Group on your side. With our litigation skills and knowledge of the intricacies of the court process in Oxford County, you can rest assured that your legal rights are being invoked and everything is being done to stave off a criminal conviction.

MCD Group: Criminal Defense in Oxford County

According to the 2017 crime statistics for the state of Maine, Oxford County saw a 14.2% decrease in the crime rate from the previous year. This brought the crime rate down to just a hair over 18 – meaning only 18 index crimes were committed per 1,000 residents in 2017. These figures put Oxford County just slightly over the state average of 16.32 for 2017. The results were largely driven by a tough year in the city of Mexico, where the crime rate was over 64, thanks to numerous property crimes like theft, shoplifting, and burglary.

While less common, there were also a handful of violent crimes in Oxford County. These offenses tend to carry far higher penalties for a conviction and include:

The criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group strive to represent people accused of committing any of these crimes in Oxford County.

Sex Crimes in Oxford County, Maine

A criminal charge for a sex crime is also a severe accusation to face down in Oxford County. They include:

  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Indecent exposure.

Convictions for a sex crime carry fines and jail time that are similar to a conviction for a serious violent crime. Unlike convictions for a violent crime, though, a conviction for a sex crime can also require you to register as a sex offender. This additional penalty can be the worst of all because anyone can look through Maine’s registry of sex offenders. It can make it awkward when friends or even family members discover that you have a prior conviction for a severe sex crime and can impact crucial aspects of your professional life if your prior conviction gets out.

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Oxford County, hiring a defense lawyer from MCD Group can be the best move you make.

Oxford County and OUI’s in Maine

One common criminal accusation that you can face in Oxford County is operating under the influence (OUI). Because these arrests often follow a lapse in judgment rather than a conscious decision to break the law. Lots of people who have no prior convictions and who hate the idea of breaking the law can find themselves fighting an OUI charge. Unfortunately, the penalties of an OUI conviction are severe and far outpace the severity of the typical offense.

The OUI defense lawyers at MCD Group help people who have been accused of a variety of different kinds of OUI offenses, including:

  • Marijuana OUIs
  • OUIs involving other illegal drugs
  • Commercial driver OUIs
  • Underage driver OUIs
  • OUI accidents
  • OUIs causing an injury
  • OUIs causing a fatality, or vehicular manslaughter
  • OUIs endangering a child.

A significant portion of these OUI cases seems to begin on Route 2. A healthy portion of the population in Oxford County lives along this corridor, which passes through Newry, Hanover, and Rumford. With more traffic, higher speed limits, and more businesses along this route, police tend to patrol it more often and initiate more traffic stops that turn into OUI arrests and charges.

Oxford County’s Court Process

If you have been arrested and formally charged with a crime, your case will most likely pass through the Oxford County Superior Court. This court is located at 26 Western Avenue in South Paris, Maine.

Allegations of minor offenses can begin at either of the two following district courts:

  1. South Paris District Court – also at 26 Western Avenue
  2. Rumford District Court – located at 145 Congress Street in Rumford, Maine

However, the Superior Court is the only one that can impanel a jury. If you invoke your right to a jury trial, your case will have to go through the Oxford County Superior Court.

Court appearances at this court can pose a problem for people who live in the northern reaches of Oxford County. You may have to travel for more than an hour for each appearance. If you don’t have a lawyer or the crime is a felony, you will have to personally appear for your arraignment and every future court date.

Regardless of which court hears your case, it will be prosecuted by lawyers from the Oxford County District Attorney’s Office.

The MCD Group: A Maine Criminal Defense Attorney in Oxford County

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Oxford County, call the criminal defense lawyers at The Maine Criminal Defense Group by contacting us online for the help you need at this difficult time.

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