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Why Domestic Violence Charges Are So Serious






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Oct 18, 2011

Why Domestic Violence Charges Are So Serious

Folks, welcome to another edition of my video blog. Today, I’d like to take some time to talk about the serious nature of domestic violence charges in the State of Maine and the impact potentially on your future.

In most cases, a conviction for Domestic Violence is much more severe than an ordinary terrorizing or assault charge. For example, a normal assault charge carries with it a mandatory minimum $300 fine. There is no mandatory jail and in most cases, there won’t be any probation either. However, if you’re convicted of domestic violence assault in the State of Maine, you’re facing two years of probation and either a fully suspended or partially suspended sentence. What that means is you might be looking at 6 to 12 months of actual jail time and all or some of that jail time may be suspended for the duration of probation. So if you’re sentenced to 12 months, all but 30 days suspended, that means you are going to the county jail for 30 days and the remaining 11 months will hang over your head during the period of probation. If you end up violating your probation then you could end up going back to jail for the remaining 11 months. As you can see, a conviction for Domestic Violence is serious and can have a huge impact on your freedom down the line.

Another issue many people are unaware of is that many countries–Canada is one of them–consider crimes of violence like domestic violence to be an excludable offense. What that means is if you were convicted of domestic violence assault then you may be barred from entering Canada. Of course, domestic violence charge convictions can ruin your life in other ways. It can destroy your marriage or your relationship with your children. It can prevent you from securing that promotion you’ve worked so hard for. In fact, there are many far-reaching consequences that most people have never considered when pleading guilty to a Domestic Violence Charge.

If convicted of a crime of Domestic violence, you will have to complete a certified batterer’s intervention program. The course is 48-weeks long and a challenge for many people to complete. Maine takes Domestic Violence charges seriously as it is the number one reason for murder in the state of Maine. So if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence before you even think about pleading guilty, pick up the phone, call my office. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.



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