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Auburn Court Location

Auburn Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersIf you get charged for operating under the influence (OUI) in Androscoggin County, your case will start out at the Lewiston District Court and if it’s transferred for jury trial, will be heard at the Androscoggin County Superior Court, in Auburn, Maine. The courthouse is located at 2 Turner Street, Auburn, ME. Directions can be found using Google Maps, or on the court’s website. The courthouse is an old one, made mainly out of brick, and with tall, arched windows, and a clock tower and weathervane on the roof. The building is full of New England charm, and sits in the middle of a city that is in the process of reinventing itself. Once a mill town, Auburn can have a bit of a rundown feel to it, as most of the mills and the textile industry have dried up and moved on. However, Auburn, as well as its twin city Lewiston, are in the process of rejuvenation, particularly in the downtown Auburn area, which sits right on the Androscoggin River. In addition to a growing downtown, Auburn has developed a scenic riverwalk that has been attracting visitors and residents alike.


There are a couple of options for parking at the Androscoggin County Superior Court.

One option is to park in the public parking garage, located about a block from the courthouse. ***This garage is located behind the Auburn City Hall, on the street Mechanics Row. The garage, however, fills up quickly, so you’ll have to arrive early to get a spot in it.

The other parking option is to find street parking around the courthouse, on Pleasant, Spring, or High Streets. Most of the time, there will be spots on one of these streets that you can find. While they are not metered spots, they do have a two-hour limit, however. Parking attendants will ticket your car if they find that it’s been in the same spot for too long.

Make sure that you’re not parked in the jail parking lot, located behind the Androscoggin County Superior Court building, by the ivy-covered walls of the YMCA. Parking is strictly enforced, there, and you will get towed.

Auburn Courtroom

While the outside of the Androscoggin County Superior Court carries all of the perks that come with New England charm, the inside has many of the downsides. There is only one, large, courtroom inside, located on the second floor. Unfortunately, as the building is so old, there is no elevator to the second floor. If you have mobility issues, you should plan on getting to the court earlier, to give yourself some extra time to make it to the courtroom on time.

Additionally, the old building also houses an old cooling system, which tends to fall behind on especially hot days, leaving the whole building hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. If your date at the Androscoggin County Superior Court is during the summer, dress lightly.

Auburn OUI Court Process

Your OUI case will only be heard in the Androscoggin County Superior Court if a request for transfer is made, via a Motion for Jury Trial. This Motion has to be made within 21 days of your arraignment, and will trigger the transfer of your case into the Androscoggin County Superior Court. Otherwise, your case will remain in the Lewiston District Court.

Auburn Prosecutors

The District Attorney for Androscoggin County is Andrew Robinson. Mr. Robinson is a fair-minded District Attorney, who is willing to negotiate for a fair outcome in most cases. Unlike some other Maine District Attorney offices, Mr. Robinson’s does not employ a “no negotiation” policy for OUIs.

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