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Rockland Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersRockland is one of Maine’s small coastal cities, located in Knox County, directly east of the state capital, Augusta. With a population of 7,209 in 2013, Rockland has evolved from a fishing city into a popular tourist destination, catering its businesses to tourists who use the city for its ferry service to the islands in Penobscot Bay. The Bay is also one of the best places to sail in the world and brings recreational boaters from across the country. Rockland also is home to the Maine Lobster Festival, a five-day event held annually during the first week of August, drawing people from all over the world to taste the best of Maine’s signature food.

Despite being such a popular tourist destination, stats show that Rockland’s 2013 median household income is below the Maine state average, at only $36,403, compared to Maine’s $46,974 total. On the other hand, perhaps because it’s such a big tourist area, stats show that violent crime in Rockland is rare, but property crime far more common than usual for the state of Maine, nearly on par with the national average. In an effort to deter crime and protect tourists, Rockland’s police force is large, compared to the number of residents in the city’s borders, with 18 full-time police officers, or 2.5 for every 1,000 Rockland residents. This is far above the Maine state average of 1.69 officers per 1,000 residents.

Rockland Court Location

If you get arrested and charged with operating under the influence (OUI) in Rockland, then your case will go before the Rockland District Court. This court is housed at 62 Union Street, just outside of downtown Rockland, Maine, in a large, imposing brick building, with a white bell tower on top. You can find driving directions on either Google Maps or using the court’s website.


There is limited parking available in the lot directly in front of the Rockland District Court. However, if this is full, you will have to search for alternatives. As the courthouse is located in a near downtown Rockland, there will be plenty of options for parallel parking, particularly on Limerock Street and Main Street, as well as several parking lots that might have room, as well. As always, plan ahead to give yourself some extra time before your court appearance, just in case parking is a pain.


The District Attorney for Knox county is Geoffrey Rushlau. Mr. Rushlau is also the District Attorney for Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties, as well, giving him the most territory of all the district attorneys in Maine. He’s also the second longest running district attorney in the state, behind only Cumberland County’s Stephanie Anderson. Mr. Rushlau has held his position since his appointment in 1993, and reelection in 1994.

While Mr. Rushlau takes a tough stance on OUIs, personally, he has an experienced staff of assistance district attorneys, and gives them plenty of leash to pursue their own cases in their own way. They generally have the power to drop charges to a lesser offense without having to get Mr. Rushlau’s prior approval, opening the door for some productive negotiations.

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Drunk driving charges are serious, anywhere in the nation. Maine is no exception. Law enforcement takes driving under the influence very seriously, and tries very hard to get convictions for OUI. If you do get convicted, the penalties are harsh. This is why it’s crucial for you to defend against the charges, to the absolute best of your ability. Hiring a solid, experienced OUI defense attorney is the best way to do this. Through his hard work, attention to detail, and fierce advocacy for his clients, attorney William T. Bly has established a reputation as one of Maine’s premier OUI defense lawyers. If you’ve been charged for OUI in Rockland, contact him online or call his law office at (207) 5718146 to start planning your defense. Don’t let an accusation for drunk driving turn into a conviction for OUI. Call attorney William T. Bly today.

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