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Bath, Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersIf you get arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) in Sagadahoc County, your case will be handled in the Sagadahoc County Superior Court, in Bath, Maine. This court is located at 752 High Street, Bath, in a stylish red brick building, with arched windows, a pillared entryway, and a small bell tower with a weathervane on top. Google Maps will give you driving directions, but so will the court’s website. Bear in mind that Bath has a lot of one-way streets, particularly in the area around the courthouse. To make matters worse, the town of Bath is an old town, founded in 1781, and, like many old towns, has a haphazard street layout that can result in a lot of confusion if you’re not from the area. The Sagadahoc County Superior Court sits on just one of the town’s difficult intersections.


Parking at the Superior Courthouse is extremely limited. Because the courthouse’s parking lot is shared with the Sagadahoc Sheriff’s Department, it is almost always full. Therefore, you can expect to have to park on one of the side streets near the building. Because of the town’s squirrely street plan, this can quickly lead to getting lost as you drive around, searching for parking. Give yourself some extra time to make sure you get a spot and find your way back to the courthouse. If you have a GPS device, this is going to be the time you’ll want it in the car.


Like the town in which it sits, the Sagadahoc County Superior Court is an old building. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of renovating the courthouse, so it has no modern amenities whatsoever. While some other courthouses have high-tech capabilities, like drop-down projection screens and computer screens for each juror, the Sagadahoc County Superior Court doesn’t even supply cables, cords or plugs for your laptop. Even worse, the building’s air conditioning capabilities are minimal. If your court appearance is set on a hot day, dress in cool clothing, or you’ll quickly feel uncomfortable.


Because the Sagadahoc County Superior Court is such a small court, most cases are heard in the West Bath District Court. If the case has to proceed to a jury trial, the trial will be conducted at the Sagadahoc County Superior Court, though. If that does happen, however, the jury will be selected at the West Bath District Courthouse, due to the size of that building, and its ability to accommodate a large number of people.

Penalties for Bath OUI charges

If the OUI investigation gathers strong evidence of an operating under the influence crime, you could end up getting convicted on drunk driving or drugged driving charges. The penalties of an OUI conviction continue to change and carry heavier penalties and fines as politicians continue to cater to special interest groups that want to punish drunk drivers. As a result, the sanctions for an OUI conviction, even one that does not involve a crash or injury, are shockingly high for the severity of the crime:

No. of Offense (Last 10 Years) License Suspension Jail Time Minimum Fine
1st Offense 150 Days No Minimum $500
2nd Offense 3 Years 7 Days $700
3rd Offense 6 Years 30 Days $1,100
4th Offense 8 Years 6 Months $2,100

As always, if you’re facing OUI charges in Sagadahoc County, Contact William Bly online or call us at (207) 571-8146.

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