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Eliot Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersEliot is a large town in York County, Maine. Just north of Kittery, Eliot lies on the New Hampshire border, just across the Piscataqua River from Dover and Portsmouth. Like many towns surrounding metropolitan areas, Eliot saw its population explode in the years following the Second World War, as more and more people moved into the suburbs and commuted to work in the nearby cities. The 2010 census found that there were 6,204 people living in Eliot.

As a suburb, it shouldn’t be surprising that statistics show that Eliot is one of the more affluent towns in the state of Maine. With a median household income of $66,737, Eliot is well above the state average of $46,974.

When a town has such a high income level, crime rates tend to be much lower, and Eliot is no exception. In fact, the only thing surprising about Eliot’s crime statistics is just how low they are: Eliot is by far one of the safest communities in not only Maine, but the entire country, as well. Eliot even deploys one of the smaller police forces in Maine, with only 8 full time law enforcement officers on staff. This made for only 1.12 officers per 1,000 residents in 2013, well below the state average of 1.69.

Eliot Court Location

If you get arrested and charged with a crime, such as operating under the influence (OUI), in Eliot, then your case will be heard in the York District Court. Please see our page on this court for more details, such as unique aspects of the building and court procedures, as well as parking.


Who will prosecute your case depends on what the charge is. If your court appearance is for a speeding ticket, then you’ll be directly with the police officer who wrote the ticket. Because of their personal connection with the case, this often makes negotiations much more uncomfortable, and less worthwhile.

If your court appearance is for another criminal charge, however, then the York County District Attorney’s Office will handle the prosecution. This office is run by a group of solid, reasonable people. While the entire county is under the District Attorney, Kathryn Slattery, the York office has two primary assistant district attorneys that handle all criminal matters.

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, take note that the York County prosecutor’s office is taking a hard line against repeat offenders. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get the most qualified OUI defense attorney in southern Maine to represent you.

Finally, if you’ve been charged by the Eliot PD with an OUI, there is a high likelihood that Officer Michael Grogan was the arresting officer. Officer Grogan is the primary OUI enforcement officer for the Eliot PD and does the bulk of night time OUI arrests for the town of Eliot. Officer Grogan is qualified to administer HGN on field sobriety tests and is a qualified Intoxilyzer 8000 operator, which is the only breath alcohol testing device authorized by the State of Maine.

Penalties for Eliot OUI charges

If the OUI investigation gathers strong evidence of an operating under the influence crime, you could end up getting convicted on drunk driving or drugged driving charges. The penalties for an OUI conviction continue to change and carry heavier penalties and fines as politicians continue to cater to special interest groups that want to punish drunk drivers. As a result, the sanctions for an OUI conviction, even one that does not involve a crash or injury,  are shockingly high for the severity of the crime:

No. of Offense (Last 10 Years) License Suspension Jail Time Minimum Fine
1st Offense 150 Days 0 – 96 Hours $500
2nd Offense 3 Years 7 Days $700
3rd Offense 6 Years 30 Days $1,100
4th Offense 8 Years 6 Months $2,100

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An OUI charge is a serious issue. Convictions for drunk driving come with serious penalties. To make matters worse, OUI convictions don’t get expunged without a governor’s pardon, and so will almost certainly stay on your criminal record forever. This combination of immediate criminal sanctions, like fines and jail time, and the long term effects of a criminal background make it crucially important to fight an OUI charge.

Attorney William T. Bly is a highly tenacious OUI defense attorney serving the entire state of Maine. He has extensive knowledge of the OUI process, including the science that makes field sobriety and breath testing less than 100% accurate. He routinely uses this knowledge to defend his clients in court, against law enforcement that makes the mistake of thinking they know more about OUIs than he does.

If you’ve been charged with an OUI in Eliot, or anywhere else in southern Maine, it’s time to get in touch with William T Bly immediately. Call his law office at (207) 571-8146, or contact him directly online.

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