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Location of Court in Alfred

Alfred Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersIf you’re arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) in Alfred, your case will be heard at the Alfred Superior Courthouse. This courthouse is located at 45 Kennebunk Road, in Alfred, Maine, in a two-story, wide brick building. The front has four white pillars supporting a pointed pediment at the center of the building. At the top, there’s a white bell tower and a weathervane. This classical-looking entryway, however, is not how you’ll be getting inside. Instead, you’ll have to enter through the backdoor, next to the court’s parking lot at the intersection of Court Street and Depot Street. You can find driving directions on Google Maps. They are also available on the court’s website.


The Alfred Superior Courthouse has a parking lot behind it, at the intersection of Court Street and Depot Street, as well as two other lots, across Court Street from the building. These parking lots provide plenty of parking, so you’ll almost always find a spot for your car.


Like many of the other courts in Maine, the Alfred Superior Courthouse is an old building. Even though York County has the second busiest docket, behind only Portland, there are only two courtrooms in the Alfred Superior Courthouse, one on each of the two floors. As a result, the building is often congested, as people frequently have to wait outside the first floor courtroom for their case to be heard. Most of the cases are heard in the courtroom on the second floor. Likewise, there are also only two restrooms in the building – one for men, one for women. These facilities have to accommodate all of the attorneys, clients, and courthouse staff throughout the day. Be prepared to have to wait outside these, as well.

OUI Court Process in Alfred

When you arrive at the Alfred Superior Courthouse, you’ll enter through the rear entrance, located at the parking lot behind the building. When you enter, you’ll have to pass through court security screening in order to go any further.

Most of the cases are heard in the large courtroom on the second floor. You can get there by using the elevator, which is located directly across from the men’s bathroom. Once on the second floor, the courtroom is to the immediate right of the elevator.

With such a busy docket to go through, it can take a great deal of time to resolve your case in the Alfred Superior Courthouse. Unfortunately, you should expect to be in court for the better part of the day.

If you have a dispositional conference scheduled, don’t expect your case to be called unless your attorney has a resolution to present to the court. On dispositional conference days, the court will normally handle the people who do not have legal representation. Only after this is done will they see if anyone else’s case is ready to proceed. If no one else is ready to proceed, the court will call a recess until there are a sufficient number of cases that can be presented to the court for resolution.

On docket call days, typically your last court appearance before a jury trial, prisoner cases are given top priority, so they’re called first. Once this is done, the court goes through the docket list, in alphabetical order. These lists are often incredibly long – the spelling of your last name will determine where you are on the list, and it can take two or more hours to finish the list. You may not be called until mid-morning or later. Nevertheless, you’re still expected to be present at the time of your scheduled court appearance. If you’re not there, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Counting on the court’s delay is a big risk. Just bring something to read, and be prepared to wait it out until your case is called.

Alfred, ME OUI Prosecutors

The York County District Attorney’s Office is located on the second floor of the courthouse. There, each Assistant District Attorney shares office space with a Second Assistant District Attorney. If you’re representing yourself in your case, and are at court for a dispositional conference, you’ll need to wait in the hall, outside the office of the appropriate district attorney, for an opportunity to speak with them.

The district attorneys’ offices, from right to left, are Assistant District Attorney Connely’s, then an office shared by Assistant District Attorneys Kent Avery and Thad West, followed by an office shared by Brian Roberts and John Burke. Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettigan’s office is on the first floor, right next to the stairwell. In the office adjoining Ms. McGettigan’s is the Domestic Violence Prosecution team, headed by Assistant District Attorney Tom Miscio. Assistant Attorney General Raphael Silver, the drug crimes prosecutor, shares this office, as well.

If you’re facing OUI charges in Alfred, or elsewhere in York County, contact an experienced OUI defense attorney like William T. Bly. He has handled countless cases in the Alfred Superior Courthouse and elsewhere in Maine, and knows the ins and outs of all of them. His knowledge of local court rules can mean the difference between a acquittal, and a conviction. Contact his law office at (207) 571-8146.

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