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Windham Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersWindham is a large town in Cumberland County, Maine. Located just to the northwest of Portland, and including both South and North Windham, the town had a population of 17,001 during the 2010 census. Its close proximity to Portland has given Windham a suburban feel, and ballooned its population since World War II, with every decade seeing a double-digit increase in Windham’s population.
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As a suburb, Windham’s residents are relatively affluent for the state of Maine. While the median household income for Maine residents is only $46,974, Windham’s is $57,862, putting the town well above the state average. Also typical of a Maine suburb, Windham’s crime rates are very low, with property crimes significantly below the national average, and violent crimes nearly unheard of. Perhaps noting this, Windham’s police force is smaller than the state’s average, with only 1.44 officers per 1,000 residents, compared with the state’s average of 1.69 officers.

Windham Court Location

If you get arrested in Windham for operating under the influence (OUI) or for any other crime, your case will be heard at the Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court in Portland. Please see our page on that court for details on parking, the courthouse, and unique aspects of the court’s docket, as well. Always remember that an experienced Windham OUI lawyer or DUI attorney can make a big difference in how your case is handled.


As a town within the confines of Cumberland County, Windham falls under the jurisdiction of the Cumberland County District Attorney, Stephanie Anderson. Ms. Anderson is the longest tenured district attorney in the state of Maine, having held her office since 1991, an unbroken string of five terms.

Ms. Anderson splits her office of prosecutors into teams, each of which is in charge of all of the charges issued by one or more police departments. Each team is led by an experienced prosecutor, with numerous years of service to the state.

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Regardless of where you’re arrested in the state of Maine, having a solid criminal defense attorney on your side throughout the process can make a huge difference in the outcome. William T. Bly has established himself as a top Windham OUI lawyer, DUI attorney, and criminal defense lawyer in the state. With extensive experience in criminal defense, William T. Bly is able to provide you the representation that you need to beat any criminal charge you’re facing. Additionally, his robust knowledge of OUI investigations has led to a solid track record of acquittals and exceptional outcomes as an OUI defense attorney.

Call William Bly’s law office at (207) 571-8146 or contact him directly online if you’ve been charged with a DUI / OUI in Windham or elsewhere in Maine.

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