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Machias Court Location

If you get arrested and charged for operating your vehicle under the influence (OUI) in Machias, Maine, then your case will go before the Machias District Court. This court is located at 85 Court Street, in Machias, Maine. The courthouse is a tall, stately-looking red brick building with a white bell tower at the top. It’s connected to a similar looking building on one side – the sheriff’s department and the jail – and is across from the post office.

Driving directions are available online, using either Google Maps, or the court’s website.


There’s plenty of parking immediately surrounding the courthouse. The Machias District Court’s parking lot is located directly behind the court, and there is overflow parking around the sheriff’s department, and in nearby municipal lots, up and down Main Street.


The Washington County District Attorney, Matthew Foster, is in charge of the cases at the Machias District Court. Mr. Foster was recently elected district attorney for both Hancock and Washington counties, and is still serving his first term in his post. He has been pushing to clear away a massive backlog of cases in Hancock County, and to develop that county’s Adult Treatment Drug Court program, but has not been too active in Washington county, yet. Because he is still new to his position as District Attorney, however, it can be difficult to determine his stance on OUI charges.

Penalties for Machias OUI charges

If the OUI investigation gathers strong evidence of an operating under the influence crime, you could end up getting convicted on drunk driving or drugged driving charges. The penalties for an OUI conviction continue to change and carry heavier penalties and fines as politicians continue to cater to special interest groups that want to punish drunk drivers. As a result, the sanctions for an OUI conviction, even one that does not involve a crash or injury,  are shockingly high for the severity of the crime:

No. of Offense (Last 10 Years) License Suspension Jail Time Minimum Fine
1st Offense 150 Days 0 – 96 Hours $500
2nd Offense 3 Years 7 Days $700
3rd Offense 6 Years 30 Days $1,100
4th Offense 8 Years 6 Months $2,100

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If you or someone that you know has been charged for drunk driving or OUI in Machias, or elsewhere in Washington county, it’s important to have a solid OUI defense attorney on your side, when it comes time to go through the criminal process. It can often make the difference between an acquittal at trial, or a conviction. Attorney William T. Bly specializes in OUI defense. Contact his law office online or call him at (207) 571-8146, to tap into one of the most experienced OUI defense attorneys in the state.

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