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Carrabassett Valley Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersCarrabassett Valley is a small town in Franklin County, Maine, with a population of 761 during the 2010 census. Located near the western border with New Hampshire and well enough inland to be within striking distance of Canada, Carrabassett Valley is a winter tourist destination, boasting some of the most popular skiing in northern New England. The town is home to the Sugarloaf ski resort, the second largest ski area east of the Mississippi River by area, with 54 miles of marked trails. Carrabassett Valley is also home to the Carrabassett Valley Academy, a private school for middle and high school students that offers both academic classes and advanced skiing and snowboarding lessons. The Academy has produced no fewer than 11 Olympians.

Despite its location in inland Maine, away from the prosperous cities and coastline, Carrabassett Valley has a median household income well above what is typical for the state. Even though Maine’s median is $46,974, Carrabassett Valley’s sits at $58,184, showing how affluent the year-round residents of the area are.

Despite the high degree of affluence in the area, the crime rates for Carrabassett Valley are surprisingly high for a town in Maine. Property crimes in Carrabassett Valley have been well above not only the state average, but even above the national average on a yearly basis, though the ski resort is likely the primary contributor to this phenomenon.

Carrabassett Valley Court Location

If you get arrested for a crime, such as operating a car while under the influence (OUI) in Carrabassett Valley, then your case will be heard by the court in Farmington. Please see our page on the Farmington District Court for more details, including where to park and what to expect when you get to the court.


In Franklin County, as well as in Oxford and Androscoggin Counties, the District Attorney who will be in charge of prosecuting your case will be Andrew Robinson.

When it comes to prosecuting OUIs, Mr. Robinson does not have a hard rule against negotiations. This can be very beneficial if you’re facing a charge for OUI, because it allows you and your defense attorney to come up with a fair and reasonable solution and present it to the assistant district attorney overseeing your case. If an agreement can be made, it can avoid the need for a lengthy and costly trial.

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Getting charged for OUI in Maine is not a small issue. There are serious implications, if you end up getting convicted, including harsh legal penalties like fines, a license suspension, and possibly even jail time. Having a quality OUI-defense attorney like William T. Bly on your side throughout the process can make a huge difference in the outcome. Contact him at his law office online or by calling (207) 571-8146 today.

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