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Farmington Court Location

Farmington Maine Operating Under the Influence (OUI) LawyersIf you get arrested for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence (OUI) in Farmington, Maine, your arraignment will be handled in the Farmington District Courthouse, and your case will stay there unless you request a jury trial. The Farmington District Court is located right on Route 4 in Farmington, near the intersection of Anson Street, in a low, single-story brick building that could easily be mistaken for a strip mall. You can find driving directions using either Google Maps, or the court’s website.

If you do end up properly requesting a jury trial, though, your case will be transferred out of the Farmington District Courthouse, and into the Franklin County Superior Court. This courthouse is located right across the intersection from the Farmington District Courthouse, in a tall, new-looking brick building with white trim, skinny chimneys, and a clock tower topped with a weathervane. You can still get driving directions on Google Maps, or using the Franklin County Superior Court’s website.


There is plenty of parking at the Farmington District Courthouse, both in front of the building as well as on the sides, so you won’t have much trouble finding a place for your car when you have an appearance there. There’s no designated parking for the Franklin County Superior Court, though, so you’ll likely be forced to park outside the Farmington District Courthouse unless you get lucky and find a spot on the street outside the Superior Court.


The Farmington District Courthouse only has one courtroom. It does, however, have a number of conference rooms, so there’s plenty of space for attorneys and clients to meet and discuss their cases. For this reason, criminal cases and protection from abuse arraignments and hearings take place in the District Courthouse, and protection from abuse cases both start and finish in the there, as well. Other cases stay in the District Courthouse if a jury trial is not requested within 21 days of the arraignment.

If you do request a jury trial, your case will get moved to the Franklin County Superior Court. This building’s main courtroom is located on the second floor. You can get there using the building’s only set of stairs, or a small elevator, which is located right next to the staircase. While the Superior Court looks new from the outside, it is old on the inside, and has no modern amenities. However, the courtroom is large, so it has plenty of seating. The bathrooms are located on the first floor.

OUI Court Process

Your case will begin in the District Court with your arraignment. Any follow-up hearings or conferences will also take place there. If you request a jury trial for your case within 21 days of your arraignment, however, your case will be transferred from the District Court to the Superior Court. If you don’t request a jury trial, your case will remain in the District Court.


The District Attorney in Franklin County is Andrew Robinson, who is also the District Attorney for Androscoggin and Oxford Counties. Unlike many District Attorneys, Mr. Robinson does not have a hard and fast policy against negotiating in OUI cases. Instead, his office is more accommodating, and willing to negotiate and find a fair and reasonable solution. With that said, though, none of the assistant district attorneys in his office will shy away from taking a case to trial.

If you have any questions about the OUI process or penalties in Farmington, Maine or are facing OUI charges, contact William Bly’s office online or call directly at (207) 571-8146.

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