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If you get arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) in Belfast, your case will be handled in the Waldo County Superior Court, and in the Maine District Court, both in downtown Belfast, Maine. Both are located within one block of each other on Church Street. The District Court is at 103 Church Street, at the intersection of Spring Street, while the Superior Court is 137 Church Street, near the intersection of Church and High Streets. All of the Superior Court cases are actually heard at the District Court building, in large part because it’s far more modern than the old Superior Court. However, if the case goes to a jury trial, the jury will be selected at the historical Superior Courthouse building, and the case will be tried there, as well. Unfortunately, the Superior Courthouse has no modern amenities, like audio-visual equipment, so attorneys have to bring their own, if they want to use them.

Note that the mailing address for the Superior Courthouse is actually the physical address for the District Court. All of the mail for both buildings goes to the District Courthouse, and gets directed from there to its proper destination.

If you’re looking for driving directions to either court, they can be found on the website for the Superior Court and the District Court. Google Maps can also direct you to either the Superior Court, or to the District Court, as well.


The District Court has a small, dedicated parking lot behind the building, accessible off Spring Street. Additionally, there are lots of parking spaces on Church Street, very close to the courthouse, and there is also street parking on Spring Street, as well.

The Superior Court, however, does not have a specified parking lot for the building, and there are only a handful of spaces immediately surrounding the courthouse. With that said, the courthouse is in the middle of the downtown area of Belfast, and there are plenty of parking spots on the streets within a block or two. Just plan ahead and give yourself a couple of extra minutes to find one and walk to the courthouse.


The District Attorney for Sagadahoc, Lincoln, and Knox counties is Geoffery Rushlau. Because most district attorneys only have to cover one county, Mr. Rushlau has the most territory in his jurisdiction in the state. He was first appointed to district attorney in 1993, and has won reelection every year since 1994, making him the second-longest running district attorney in all of Maine, behind only Stephanie Anderson, who’s held her position in Cumberland County since 1991.

District Attorney Rushlau tends to have a fairly tough stance on OUI charges, as well as domestic violence charges, and crimes against children. However, the assistant district attorneys on his staff have a great deal of experience – many of them have been in the office for a decade or more. They generally have the discretion to drop charges down to a lesser offense without seeking prior approval first.

If you, or someone you know, are facing OUI charges in Belfast, Maine, call The Maine Criminal Defense Group. He knows all of the ins and outs of the unique court procedures in the Belfast courts.

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