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Effect of a Maine DUI conviction on an Out-of-State License Holder






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Feb 22, 2011

Effect of a Maine DUI conviction on an Out-of-State License Holder

I frequently get questions from out-of-state drivers regarding the effect of a conviction or suspension for a Maine DUI. The answer is that it “depends”. Now that’s not a cop-out; rather, it is the truth. It really depends on what state you live in. For example, if you are a New Hampshire driver who got hit with an OUI in Maine, New Hampshire will impose whatever suspension Maine imposes. If for instance, the Maine Secretary of State imposes a 90-day loss of driving privileges, New Hampshire will impose the same. That’s because there is reciprocity between Maine and New Hampshire.

Keep in mind that many questions about what your home state will likely impose based upon a Maine conviction or suspension are best answered by an attorney licensed to practice law in your home state. DO NOT depend solely on what you read in my blog or anyone else’s blog for that matter. ALWAYS consult with an attorney in your home state to learn about the consequences of a Maine DUI conviction or suspension.

However, not all states impose like suspensions for Maine convictions or Maine BMV suspensions. Take Georgia for example; they are not a compact state which means they normally won’t honor a suspension imposed by the Maine BMV. However, they will probably suspend your GA license if convicted for OUI in Maine.

One of the biggest problems dealing with out-of-state license holders is that your home state may impose a harsher sentence for a Maine OUI conviction or suspension. Again, that is something that you will have to deal with through local counsel in your home state. While the driver’s license compact suggests that suspensions are supposed to be imposed in a like manner by the home state for an out-of-state DUI conviction, experience shows that each state marches to the tune of its own drummer and that uniformity between the states is the exception rather than the rule.



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