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Nov 14, 2016

How Long Does a DUI Stay On Your Record?

If you’re convicted of DUI or OUI here in Maine, that conviction will stay on your record forever. There’s no expungement process. There’s no way to seal it. I’ve seen records from folks from 1972. That’s their first and only OUI. It’s 2016, 44 years later. It’s still showing up on their Bureau of Motor Vehicle records and on their criminal history search. And of course the things that people aren’t aware of are there are different levels of checks that can be done. The background checks that we can do as citizens – it’s very limited. The background checks that law enforcement can do, the state and federal government can do, they don’t just show convictions. They show the fact that you were charged with a crime, period. And those aren’t removed either.

But let’s say if you’re in the military, and you’ve got clearance issues, they are going to know that you were actually charged with a crime. It may show the result being that it was dismissed or it was dropped to a lesser offense or you obtained a not guilty verdict of trial, but the fact that you were charged with a crime – that stays with you forever, as well. Again, there are different levels of checks that different governmental agencies can do that we don’t, as citizens, have access to. But that is a very concerning thing for most people, is you can’t even undo the fact that you were charged even if the end result is you were innocent of all charges. The fact that you were charged can potentially still follow you.



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