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When you hire an attorney from The Law Office of William T. Bly, you will be represented by a lawyer who concentrates on the forceful challenging of DUI evidence and by a firm that practices solely criminal defense law. Our focus on DUI (also known as OUI) crimes is supported by the extensive training and experience we have in the area of the DUI process and defense. Our lead attorney learned the intricacies of prosecution working as an intern prosecutor at the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office. Understanding how a District Attorney will try a first DUI offense, DUI felony, vehicular manslaughter or a multiple DUI charge can benefit your defense greatly.

Our attorney’s U.S. Department of Transportation certification as a Breath Alcohol Technician, along with our qualification as a practitioner and instructor in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s field sobriety tests, means that you have an attorney who knows the process and how to contest the charges at every step of the process. Our lead attorney has a very high AVVO rating and was one of only two lawyers who were selected, among attorneys from 6 states, as a Rising Star in DUI/DWI/OUI defense by New England Super Lawyers Magazine.

Bar Harbor OUI Attorney

We understand that when you come to us for help, it is with a certain level of trust and expectation. When you see your doctor or dentist, you hope that they understand their field thoroughly. In the same manner, our office wants you to have confidence in the study and hard-won experience that we have had. We have successfully resolved all types of OUI charges from first offenses, those involving injury, DUI with accidents and driving under the influence of drugs to aggravated DUI, high breath test situations and cases where blood tests were performed. With Bar Harbor’s location in mind, we also assist those who have been charged with a boating under the influence (BUI) offense.

There are many instances where an OUI arrest can be successfully fought. We know this as we have achieved success in court countless times. While some attorneys may make a claim that they can “get you off no matter what,” this is dishonest. In certain cases, the best option is to work to get the charges reduced or to minimize the penalties you face. Even when an individual is found guilty of a DUI/OUI offense, the penalties imposed can vary widely. Keep in mind that there is no expungement process in Maine. Having a knowledgeable Bar Harbor attorney fight for a fair and balanced outcome is important to people charged with OUI.

Bar Harbor, ME DUI Attorney

Defense of your case will depend on the specifics of your arrest, the exact crime you are being charged with and whether there were any special or aggravating circumstances, such as underage DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, child endangerment issues and more. Once we meet with you and gather the necessary information to thoroughly understand your case, we can develop a strategy designed to produce the best outcome possible.

Blood tests are commonly thought of as an accurate method to test for blood alcohol content but are not perfect – no tests are. These tests cannot be administered at the scene of your arrest. The time between when you last drove and the administration of the test can cause an increase in the percentage of alcohol in your blood. The area on your body where the blood sample is taken must be properly sterilized and only authorized personnel are allowed to draw blood. The samples that are taken need to be handled and stored in a correct manner and any contamination or mishandling can lead to the test being unusable in court.

Breath tests, using a device known as a breathalyzer, are frequently used to test for the use of alcohol. These devices are not always accurate and can sometimes read on substances other than ethyl alcohol. If the machine is not calibrated properly or the police erred in their administration of the test, it can make the results invalid.

In some cases, an accomplished attorney can effectively challenge an unlawful police stop which ended up in your OUI arrest. The police must have reasonable cause to have pulled you over and you are protected by the law against illegal search and seizures. When evidence against you is gathered in an improper manner, it can result in your case being dropped.

There is a multitude of ways to obtain a positive conclusion to the charges against you. It starts with retaining a lawyer who understands DUI laws and is committed to fighting for your rights.

To understand the issues you face in a DUI/OUI case, contact a Bar Harbor OUI lawyer from our firm for experienced legal advice.

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