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The city of Biddeford, Maine, is one of the state’s up-and-coming spots. With a long history, prime location just off of Interstate 95, and a revitalized downtown area, Biddeford is bringing in new residents, lots of excitement, and a surprising number of tourists to boost its population of over 21,000.

Additionally, with the city of Saco right across the river, the bustle in Biddeford has attracted lots of business investment.

With that business investment comes a growing nightlife for people who don’t want the crowds and prices of nearby Portland. Brewpubs, breweries, and excellent watering holes have opened in the area for locals and visitors to enjoy, including a handful right on the Saco River that are perfect for a brew tour:

  • Nuts and Bolts Brewing;
  • Run of the Mill Public House and Brewery;
  • Banded Brewing Company; and
  • Dirigo Brewing Company.

For those who prefer liquor over beer, Biddeford has even attracted a couple of distilleries as well:

  • Stone Fort Distillery, which makes craft vodkas and whiskey; and
  • Round Turn Distillery, which specializes in gin.

Aside from these excellent places that make adult beverages, there are numerous great taverns in Biddeford to enjoy them – the drinking culture that has made Portland, Maine, one of the most attractive getaways in northern New England has spread to Biddeford, as well.

With all of these great places to drink, though, the likelihood that you get pulled over and investigated for drunk driving increase substantially. Police in Biddeford know that there are plenty of places to have a beer or drink, and become suspicious of even the smallest driving error.

Regardless of your situation, having a skilled and local OUI-defense lawyer on your side can drastically improve the outcome of any criminal charge you end up facing.

The Steep Costs of an OUI Conviction

Operating under the influence, or OUI, is a serious offense in Maine. It is also a tricky criminal charge to combat because it is a strict liability offense – one that does not require proof that you had a culpable state of mind when you committed it. Instead, all the prosecutor has to prove is that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In many cases, all they have to show is that you had a blood alcohol content, or BAC, at or above the legal limit to make a strong case.

If that strong case is enough to get a conviction, the penalties you can face are not small. Even if it was just your first offense and you have no other convictions on your criminal record, the fines and the driver’s license suspension can make life difficult. You may even spend some time in jail if there are aggravating factors to your case.

It is the blemish on your criminal history, though, that can wreak the most havoc on your life. A conviction for an OUI can hurt your job prospects and force you to disclose that you have a criminal past. This can be difficult to overcome for years into the future.

Biddeford OUI Defense Lawyers at The Maine Criminal Defense Group

The OUI defense lawyers at The Maine Criminal Defense Group in Biddeford make a point of representing people in the area who have been pulled over, arrested, and accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The way law enforcement treats people who made the mistake of drinking and driving is completely unnecessary, and we aim to keep police and prosecutors in line by advocating on the behalf of OUI defendants.

Our goal is to get your case dropped or win an acquittal at trial. At the very least, we aim to get the charges against you reduced to something you can live with.

To do this, we leave no stone unturned. There are numerous aspects of an OUI investigation that are prone to error. Our OUI-defense lawyers know all of them, as well as how to detect those problems in your case and show why those problems mean you should be let go. Some of the most common include:

  • Breath tests: Portable breathalyzers need to be calibrated and are frequently administered incorrectly by police in an attempt to justify an arrest. Non-portable breathalyzers in police stations are also problematic. Attorney William T. Bly is a Certified Operator of the Intoxilyzer 5000EN & 8000 – the breath test Maine police use to gather evidence of an OUI.
  • Field sobriety tests: Police often use field sobriety tests to gather evidence of an OUI. These tests are notoriously flawed, though, and the lawyers at Maine Criminal Defense Group know it. Attorney Bly and his team have numerous certifications for field sobriety testing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Types of Cases Maine Criminal Defense Group Handles in Biddeford

The OUI defense lawyers at Maine Criminal Defense Group handle drunk driving and drugged driving cases from the least to the most severe. Regardless of whether you have a clean OUI background and were arrested without any aggravating factors, or whether you are being charged with a severe felony-level OUI offense, we can represent you in court and defend your rights and interests.

Some of the most common cases we handle are:

  • OUI charges against commercial drivers
  • Out-of-state defendants
  • OUI manslaughter allegations
  • BACs at or above 0.15%
  • OUIs involving excessive speeding
  • Allegations of drunk driving with a young passenger in the vehicle
  • OUIs involving crashes
  • Underage OUIs
  • OUIs involving drivers who left the scene of a crash
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana

Even if the OUI charge you are facing does not fall into one of these categories, the OUI-defense lawyers at Maine Criminal Defense Group can still provide the legal representation you need to fight and beat these charges.

Contact the OUI Defense Lawyers at Maine Criminal Defense Group in Biddeford

Call the OUI defense lawyers at Maine Criminal Defense Group or contact us online if you have been arrested in Biddeford, Maine, and accused of drunk or drugged driving. The penalties of a conviction are severe – hiring the best defense attorneys can be the best decision you make.

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