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A Brunswick DUI Attorney Is Here For You

Just as you would go to a specialist for heart surgery or an architect to design a building, so should you seek an accomplished Brunswick DUI attorney if you are charged with any DUI (also known as an OUI or DWI) offense. When facing DUI charges, you are at risk if you use a general practice lawyer. You need someone who is focused on challenging DUI evidence and has a great depth of understanding of DWI laws. The Law Office of William T. Bly concentrates on just one area of the practice – criminal defense. In 2012, our lead attorney was one of only two lawyers to be chosen as a Rising Star in DUI defense by New England Super Lawyers Magazine. This selection was from a field of attorneys in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and the honor was received as a result of our excellent record of DUI defense.

When you retain an attorney from our firm, you will have a person who has attended and passed a notably tough course on forensic blood and urine testing in DWI cases given in San Diego, California. Blood tests are known as the most “reliable” of chemical examinations for intoxication levels. An attorney who knows how to refute the procedure and/or findings can prove vital to your case. These tests are common to all types of DUI crimes from a first, second or third offense or one which was out of state or underage to commercial DUI and vehicular manslaughter. A lawyer who practices other areas of law is not likely to be prepared to this degree and may not know how to successfully challenge blood draw issues. Mistakes in how the sample is obtained, who administers it, the way in which it is stored and handled and other areas can all be essential to obtaining a positive result to your case. In some instances, we can use errors that are found to get the charges against you dismissed.

Using our services will also allow you to be represented by someone who is certified as a practitioner and instructor in the field sobriety tests that meet the standards set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. These tests have inherent flaws if your attorney knows where and how to look. Sometimes, there are physical or emotional reasons which would make a person unable to pass these tests to the satisfaction of an officer, even when they are not intoxicated. Also, not all police officers are properly trained in or follow the correct procedures in administering the tests.

At times, a field sobriety test is carried out based on an unlawful police stop. If this occurred in your case, it can form the basis for having the evidence against you be declared as inadmissible in court. In all likelihood, an attorney from our office will know more about these tests than the officer who gave them.

Understanding How a Brunswick DUI is Prosecuted

Your lawyer will also be one of very few attorneys to be certified by the United States Department of Transportation as a Breath Alcohol Technician. Similar to drawing blood, breath tests are commonly used to show your supposed blood alcohol content (BAC). The machines used to test for BAC are required to be properly maintained and calibrated. In addition, the protocols for performing the test must be followed. Breath testing devices can also read on substances other than ethyl alcohol and this can skew the results. The ability to identify mistakes made by the police can be the advantage needed to overcome your charges, and at our firm, we know them all. The first order of business is a full review of all of the evidence against you. We can then formulate a defense strategy for your individual case.

DUI penalties, even in a first time DUI, can be tough on you and your family. A suspended driver’s license alone can severely affect your ability to get and hold a job. On top of this, time spent in jail, fines and court fees, mandatory use of an ignition interlock device and other penalties can await those who are convicted.

Our lead attorney worked as an intern prosecutor for the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office and understands how crimes are prosecuted in Brunswick. We use this insight to assist us in preparing and pressing forward towards the best defense possible, no matter what DUI offense you have been accused of.

When you face a DUI charge of any kind, contact a Brunswick DUI lawyer in our office to find out how your rights can be protected.

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