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Following a DUI arrest, at the top of the list of questions we get asked is, “What will happen if I get convicted?” As DUI penalties vary according to the circumstances of the arrest, the exact crime charged and an individual’s prior history, there is no set answer to the consequences of conviction. There are general guidelines which we can provide to increase your understanding of the repercussions of a conviction.

The first statement that an aggressive Ellsworth DUI lawyer from The Law Office of William T. Bly will ask will be about the circumstances of your arrest. Your arrest for DUI, regardless if it is for a first, second or third offense, involves an underage person, is an out of state violation or a DUI with drugs, does not have to end in a guilty verdict. Throughout our years in practice, we have successfully defended a large variety of DUI cases. These range from ones involving high breath tests or the drawing of blood, to those to do with accidents and injury, drugs, aggravated DWI and others.

Our office has one of the few attorneys to be certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician, acknowledged as such by the United States Department of Transportation. Retaining an attorney from our firm to work on your DUI case gets you someone who is qualified to both practice and instruct others on the standard field sobriety tests established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You will have a lawyer who has attended and passed a difficult course on forensic blood and urine testing in DWI cases. In many instances, our knowledge of the possible errors and flaws in chemical and field sobriety testing surpasses that of the arresting officer. In recognition of our dedicated service and accomplishments on behalf of our clients, our lead attorney was honored by New England Super Lawyers Magazine as being one of only two attorneys to be designated as a Rising Star in DUI defense. This selection was from attorneys in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. Given our background, we hope you can see why we focus on a hard-hitting defense. We can explain all the details of the potential penalties and help you to understand the road ahead in the criminal justice system.

Penalties for Conviction on DUI in Ellsworth

If you are found guilty of DUI offense, there are fines and court costs running from the hundreds to many thousands of dollars. In some cases you will not have to serve any time in jail. For others, a jail sentence can be from 48 hours up to several years. When an individual is convicted of causing serious bodily injury to someone else it is a felony DUI and if you are found guilty of vehicular homicide you can be sentenced to a prison term of up to 30 years. A person who is arrested for a DUI while having a suspended driver’s license from a previous conviction could face forfeiture of their vehicle.

Based upon the information from the officer that arrested you, and the results of your breath or blood tests, your license will be suspended immediately. License suspension can be for as little as 90 days up to 6 years in length. Specific DUI crimes can bring about the permanent loss of your privilege to drive. In some DUI offenses, after a conviction you will be ordered to substance abuse counseling and/or have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

Many of the penalties we have detailed are mandatory minimums that a person will receive but there are other factors that can affect sentencing. An attempt to evade arrest, the speed you were allegedly driving, endangerment of a child,

high blood alcohol content (BAC), leaving the scene of an accident and others will all increase the penalties. If you refused to take a chemical test for BAC, this will also make the punishments worse.

Understanding what the future could hold is important but is even more vital to know that DUI cases can be favorably resolved. The tests that are administered to check your blood alcohol content and the machines or devices used could contain serious flaws that a skilled lawyer can identify and use in your defense case. Even NHTSA admits that field sobriety tests can be inaccurate and the results could be challenged. Ellsworth has been Maine’s fastest growing city for the past decade and there could be police officers who are not fully trained and experienced in DUI matters. An unlawful police stop that leads to an arrest violates your civil rights. This situation could help us to get the charges against you dismissed. After a full review of the circumstances of your arrest, we immediately get to work on producing the best outcome that is possible for your case.

Contact an Ellsworth DUI attorney from our office to understand the consequences of a DUI conviction and what can be done in your case.

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