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Defending Clients Facing DUI Allegations in Lewiston

Impaired driving is against the law in every state, though each state has its own specific laws regarding this criminal offense. Under Maine law, this offense is called operating under the influence (OUI), while many other states refer to it as driving under the influence (DUI). Under either name, this is a serious allegation with harsh penalties possible upon conviction. It is critical that you seek the help of a Lewiston DUI defense attorney right away if you have been arrested for DUI/OUI. Contact the Maine Criminal Defense Group for assistance as soon as possible.

DUI Charges and Penalties in Lewiston

In Maine, you can face OUI charges for any of the following:

  • Operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than 0.08 percent
  • Being a minor with a BAC of 0.01 percent or more
  • Being impaired by alcohol (based on an officer’s observations) even with a BAC below the legal limit
  • Being under the influence of another intoxicating substance, including illegal drugs or prescription medications

It is important to note that a chemical test does not have to show a BAC over the legal limit to be convicted of OUI charges. No matter what led to your arrest, the consequences for a conviction can be serious. 

The following are the possible penalties for OUI convictions in Lewiston:

  • First offense – Driver’s license suspension for 150 days, fines from $500 to $2,000, jail time up to one year
  • Second offense – Driver’s license suspension for three years, fines from $700 to $2,000, jail time of seven days to one year
  • Third offense – Driver’s license suspension for six years, fines from $1,100 to $5,000, jail time of 30 days to five years

In addition, OUI charges and penalties can be enhanced if aggravating factors exist, which can include having a BAC over 0.q5 percent, child endangerment, causing injuries or death, and more.

Defending Against OUI Charges

It is important to recognize that many people are able to prevent an OUI conviction with the help of a skilled DUI defense lawyer. While the defense strategies will differ from case to case, common defenses might include:

  • The officer did not have reasonable suspicion to make the initial traffic stop
  • There were errors in administering a breath test or field sobriety tests
  • The officer did not have adequate probable cause for the arrest
  • There was another explanation for signs of intoxication, such as an illness or fatigue
  • The officer does not properly recall the details of the traffic stop

In many cases, OUI charges might be dismissed due to a successful defense strategy. In other situations, defendants might choose to plead guilty based on our lawyers obtaining a favorable plea bargain. 

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