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Millinocket is a town in Penobscot County, Maine. With a population of 4,506 at the 2010 census, it’s one of the largest settlements in the northern, inland part of the state of Maine. Like many others in Maine, the town of Millinocket grew around its paper mills, which employed many if not most of the people in the area. However, in 2003, the mills went bankrupt and laid off nearly all of their workers. Since then, Millinocket has struggled to reshape its identity and economy. Service and tourism jobs have become prominent, as the town lies near both Maine’s tallest mountain, Katahdin, and largest lake, Moosehead Lake.

The loss of the paper mills reflects itself in stats that show that Millinocket’s 2010 population was13.9% below its 2000 total, and that its median household income has grown much slower than Maine’s average, only increasing to $34,665 in 2013 from $29,337 in 2000. This puts Millinocket below the state’s average for prosperity. Nevertheless, crime rates in Millinocket are well below both the state and national average, despite a relatively small police force for the state of Maine, with only 1.13 officers per 1,000 residents, compared to the Maine average of 1.69.

The District Attorney for Penobscot County, Chris Almy, has a strict “no negotiation” policy when it comes to dealing with OUI charges. Any prosecutor on his staff who drops down an OUI charge to something else knows that they’ll be looking for a new job, very soon. This is unfortunate, but also makes your decision on how to defend your case much easier – you can either plead guilty or take the case to trial.

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An accusation for driving while under the influence comes with serious penalties, if proven. Challenging the prosecutor’s evidence in a court of law in crucial, if you want to avoid hefty fines, potential jail time, and a license suspension that can have a huge impact on your life. OUI defense attorney William T. Bly knows all the ins and outs of OUI law in the state of Maine, and has accumulated a successful track record of defending people against weak accusations of driving drunk.

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