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Scarborough is a resort town on the coast of southern Maine, just a few miles south of Portland in Cumberland County. Population figures for the town vary widely: The 2010 census reports that 18,919 people lived in Scarborough, but other figures report the population to be only 4,403. The area is known for its beautiful beaches and natural areas and is the birthplace of writer Stephen King.

Its close proximity to Portland has made Scarborough, in large part, a residential suburb of the city. As a result, income and property values are significantly above the state average: Scarborough is among the wealthiest areas in Maine. The town’s median household income of $60,150 is well above the state’s average of $46,974.

In line with the rest of Maine, Scarborough has a crime rate that is well below the national average. While Scarborough’s crime statistics are relatively high for a suburban area in Maine, they are considerably lower than those of surrounding areas, like Old Orchard Beach and Portland. The town does, however, keep a slightly larger than normal police force, with nearly 2 full-time law enforcement officers for every 1,000 residents.

Location of Court

If you get arrested and charged for a crime, including for operating under the influence (OUI), within the confines of Scarborough, Maine, then your case will go before the court in nearby Portland. For more information on that court, please see our Portland page, which has information on the location of the court, where to park, and what to expect.


Along with the rest of Cumberland County, Scarborough is within the jurisdiction of District Attorney Stephanie Anderson, who has held her position since 1991.

Ms. Anderson’s extensive experience in her role has made the office run incredibly smoothly. She splits her staff into teams, each of which is led by an experienced prosecutor and deals with particular police departments in Cumberland County.

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If you get arrested and charged with a crime in Scarborough, or anywhere else in Maine, having an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of the upcoming trial. Recently named one of Maine’s best criminal defense attorneys by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys, William T. Bly has made a name for himself in the courts of Maine as a vigorous defender of your rights and liberties, particularly in the field of OUI-defense. His extensive knowledge of OUI law, including breath tests and field sobriety tests, comes from extensive course work in the field. Mr. Bly is one of only a handful of attorneys who are certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician. He is also an instructor of field sobriety tests, giving him invaluable insights into how they are given, and how they can go wrong.

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