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Can You Expunge Your Maine Criminal Record?






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Nov 30, 2020

Can You Expunge Your Maine Criminal Record?

Expunging your Maine Criminal Record

Expunging your Maine Criminal RecordHaving a criminal charge or conviction on your permanent record can have very serious consequences. Some people with a prior record of criminal convictions have difficulty getting a job, getting an education, and finding a place to live. Many states throughout the country allow for criminal convictions to be removed from a person’s record. However, the State of Maine does not have such a mechanism for expungement. Maine does have several mechanisms in place for making a criminal conviction confidential.

A criminal conviction that is deemed confidential cannot be viewed by members of the public, educational institutions, and potential employers. A criminal conviction can receive a ‘confidential’ classification if a pardon for the conviction is issued by the governor’s office or the convicted individual receives a court order.

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, the experienced team of Maine criminal defense attorneys at The Maine Criminal Defense Group will be able to determine if your conviction may be eligible for a ‘confidential’ classification. If so, we can assist you by taking the necessary legal action on your behalf.

Receiving a Pardon from the Office of the Governor

If you are able to receive a pardon from the governor’s office, your prior criminal conviction will be deemed confidential and will not be viewable by members of the public. In order to be eligible for one of the pardons, an applicant must fill out the necessary paperwork at least five years following the completion of the criminal sentence. Consequently, if a judge sentenced you to a period of probation, you must successfully complete the period of probation before the five-year clock will start to run.

Once you submit the necessary paperwork, the Department of Corrections will determine whether a hearing is necessary, and a notice will need to be published in the newspaper. Following the hearing, it is up to the governor to either deny or grant the pardon.

Receiving a Court Order

Your criminal record can also be deemed ‘confidential’ if you receive the necessary court order. In order to receive one of these orders, you must ordinarily have committed the offense between the time that you were 18 to 21 years of age. You will also have to wait for a period of four years after the final completion of your criminal sentence. Next, you are not permitted to have any additional criminal convictions in the State of Maine (or in any other jurisdiction) – and you cannot have any other pending criminal cases. Finally, the crime that you committed must have been classified as a Class E misdemeanor, and the crime must not have been a sex offense.

Upon filing a motion, the court will schedule a hearing, and if you satisfy all of the requirements, the court will enter an order rendering your prior conviction ‘confidential.’

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The legal team at The Maine Criminal Defense Group can assist you with making your prior criminal conviction confidential. To schedule a case evaluation and legal consultation with a Maine criminal defense attorney, please contact us directly online or call us to learn more.



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